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How Long Will It Take Me To Get Fit?

How long will it take me to lose this weight?How many times a week do I need to workout to get to my goal?

How long until you can see my abs?

The truth is….I REALLY DONT KNOW.
Many factors determine how quickly you will reach your “goal”
Your genetics

How you eat and how much you will change your eating habits

If you exercise, how much and what’s your intensity

If you get enough sleep

Consistency…and so much more

We see The Biggest Loser and see dramatic transformations in a week, and then freak out when we don’t have similar success. We get depressed when we don’t look like the guys from the movie 300 after following a 8-week workout plan in Muscle & Fitness magazine, not realizing there are so many other factors that come into play.

We tell ourselves it’s okay to put our bodies on an unsustainable meal and workout plan until we reach our goal. Because when we “get there” we can relax, eat and be merry again! 
If you want to lose weight and keep it off, here is the honest to God truth: THERE ISN’T A FINISH LINE. YOU DONT GET TO BE “DONE.”
There’s no magical amount of weight you’ll lose that will make you satisfied. There’s no “look” that you will say “I made it, time to stop!” There’s no amount of weight you’ll lift that you will think “okay, good enough, I’m done.”
The problem with the “after” attitude is that life becomes one big countdown. We tend to push ourselves at an unsustainable pace to reach our goal. Only to crash, burn and crawl across the “finish line.” Before you know it, you quickly return to the “before” and then get down on yourself for not being able to stay on target.
I’m not saying goals are bad. What I’m saying is if you reach a goal and are so thankful to be done that you quickly abandon all of the things you were doing, then your pace was unsustainable.
#1. Stop worrying about reaching the destination at any cost, and instead focus on making the journey something you can maintain.
#2. Go slowly. One habit built over two months (that you will stick with) is better than 10 changes you’ll abandon as soon as you can.
#3. Celebrate small victories. A faster mile or an extra push-up than before is a win! Passing on the sweets and drinking more water than yesterday is a win! 
#4. Stop asking “how long it will take.” Instead, ask “am I better today than yesterday?” That’s the only comparison you can make. Put your faith in the process and keep charging. Exercise, eat healthy and stay positive. You will get there.

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