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Eat Before or After a Workout

Many people trying to lose weight feel it is counterproductive to eat before working out. Some research has shown that this burns more fat in the short run, but what good will it do if you’re “bonking” in the middle of your workout?

If you are doing an intense workout, it’s good to eat something pre-workout to prevent that jittery, low-blood-sugar feeling.

Here is an easy solution. Split a protein bar in half. Eat half 30 minutes to an hour before you exercise, and have the other half after you workout.

Overall, the pre-workout snack is optional. What is NOT optional is your post-workout snack. This is possibly the most important meal of your day… to breakfast.

Within 60 minutes following your workout, you have a window to feed your body. Your muscles are like sponges, waiting to soak up nutrients to help repair muscle tissue, replace water losses and replenish glycogen stores (energy levels). A balance of healthy carbs and protein is important following your workout.

Healthy Post Workout Options

Greek Yogurt + Berries
Turkey Sandwich
Chocolate Milk
Eggs + Toast
Protein Shake
Chicken + Rice or Sweet Potato

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