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Celery Juice: Hype or Healthy??

It seems like every influencer and blogger are starting their day with raw celery juice these days. Apparently celery juice has healing properties, reduces bloat and helps you lose weight.⠀

Is it good? Is it just basically water?
While many people praise celery juice and its transformative power, there’s no science behind the drink.

All of the magical things celery juice claims to do can also be attributed a good ol’ glass of water (or many.) ⠀
However, celery juice can be beneficial.

Celery is a great vegetable because it’s low in calories and a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamin K, and flavonoids – compounds that have been shown to help keep electrolyte balance, function as antioxidants, and help lower blood pressure and inflammation.
Some believe people are seeing positive results simply because celery is incredibly hydrating. And who doesn’t need to drink more water?
When it comes to food choices, we tend to get fixated on one single food or beverage to solve our health problems when in reality there is no one food that will cure disease. It’s time we started looking at our overall lifestyle and cultivate healthy behaviors for optimal health.
If you want the health benefits, eat some celery and drink more water – health problems solved. ⠀

And if you want the weight loss benefits…go on the ELF Diet (Eat. Less. Food) ? #caloriedefict
Bottom line: If you enjoy celery juice, drink it. But, don’t believe all the hype about celery juice.

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