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Which Diet Is The Most Sustainable?

All diets work – all of them. Why? Because you are in a calorie deficit when you are following a diet.

Whichever diet you choose to follow, ask yourself, “can I do this for the rest of my life?”

Keto lovers: Can you cut out an entire food group (carbs) for the rest of your life?
Weight watcher lovers: can you count points until you’re 90?
Paleo lovers: can you cut out grains, dairy, peanut butter and beans for the rest of your life?
Vegan lovers: can you cut out meats, seafood, dairy, eggs, and honey for the rest of your life?
Intermittent fasting lovers: can you fast day in and day out until you’re 90?
If the answer is “yes,” you’ve made a good choice. If the answer is “no,” find another nutrition plan. 

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