How To Get A Bikini Body

✨ The scale doesn’t tell the whole story. Not even half of it. A quarter, at most.⠀
✨ You don’t need to workout everyday. In fact, I workout only 4-5 days a week.
✨ Getting your nutrition in check does not require perfection. I’ve had plenty of off days (even weeks), and I do this stuff for a living.⠀
✨The key to succeeding is not how well you can avoid messing up. It’s how many times you can get back on track.⠀
✨ ALWAYS take progress photos.⠀
✨ If your nutrition protocol makes you absolutely miserable, you won’t reach your goals. Find something that works for YOU.⠀
✨ Celebrate the little things. Maybe you don’t have those abs, but maybe you lost body fat, have more energy, your clothes are fitting better and you are hitting PRs in the gym. All those wins add up!

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