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How To Walk On A Treadmill At An Incline

?Fix Your Form?

??‍♀️Walking at an incline is a great way to burn calories, work your booty, legs and calves and core.

Bad Form: Hanging on the treadmill for dear life essentially defeats the purpose of a high incline. Whose doing the work anyways….you or the treadmill? Not to mention, the strain you are putting on your lower back. The only reason to take the incline to its max—most treadmills top out at 15 percent—is when you are training for something specific, such as a very steep hike.

Good Form: Head up, eyes forward, moving your arms freely. You will burn more calories if you let go and pump your arms at a lower incline than you would at a higher incline holding on.

If you have a significant disability or balance issue, continue to use the handrails. Also keep in mind if you have any hip flexor tightness, walking at an incline can cause irritation to those muscles.

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