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How To Never Regain The Weight You Lost

Losing weight and gaining it back is like winning the lottery and then going broke. It’s a complete buzz kill!
Losing weight is hard but keeping it off is more challenging. 86% of dieters regain their weight after losing it, but why?
Why Do So Many People Regain Their Weight?
The most common reasons:
1. Restrictive/unsustainable diets. For example, eating 800 calories a day, eating packaged food (Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig), liquid diets, or cutting out an entire food group (Keto diet) for the rest of your life isn’t sustainable. Plus, the more restrictive a diet is, the more likely binge eating occurs.
2. Your brain and your body are hard-wired to regain lost weight. This, combined with the abundance of high-calorie foods available and a society where we move less than ever before, makes it too easy to put the pounds back on. After losing weight, your metabolism slows down, so you burn fewer calories. Your body goes from being like a truck, burning a lot of fuel, to being like a Prius, burning less gas. This happens because your brain senses your fat stores are low, and your body perceives it as a threat to your survival. To “protect you,” it slows your metabolism down to fight the weight loss.
3. Muscle loss. When you lose weight too quickly, you lose muscle. When you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down, making it even harder to maintain weight. The quicker you lose weight, the quicker you will regain the weight.


10 Ways How To Never Regain The Weight You Lost
Although people tend to lose weight in different ways, people who successfully keep their weight off share these ten common habits.

1. Consistency is critical. Stay consistent with your newly formed exercise and diet routine. You have to continue to eat and exercise, similar to when you were losing weight. The worst thing you can do is resume your old eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

2. Meal prep and plan your meals. Plan when what and how much you will eat, and stick to it, even on the weekends. Studies show people who regained their weight ate healthy on weekdays BUT cheated on weekends. Plan which weekend you will splurge because you can’t splurge every weekend.

3. Make walking a part of your lifestyle. Walking is the most underrated form of exercise, and studies show that people who kept their weight off walked 35-60 minutes or did 10,000 steps a day. Park farther away, take the stairs, or daily walks.

4. Maintain and learn portion control. Tracking your calories shouldn’t be a forever thing. So learn what your portions look like so that when you stop tracking, you can continue eating proper portions.

5. Sleep. Getting enough sleep significantly affects your weight, and sleep deprivation is a major reason people gain weight and can’t maintain their weight. This is because inadequate sleep leads to higher levels of ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone, because it increases appetite, and poor sleepers have lower levels of leptin, a hormone necessary for appetite control.

6. Eat produce with every meal and snack. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and water content and low in calories (especially vegetables).  People who keep their weight off eat more fruit and veggies.

7. Drink water. Drinking half of your weight in ounces of water a day will give you energy and suppress your appetite. If you can’t drink this amount of water, you’re consuming too many other beverages, such as sodas, juices, fancy coffees, or alcohol.

8. Maintain what you are doing. You can’t go back to your old habits. Those are the habits that caused the weight gain in the first place (dessert or wine every night, frequently eating out, splurging on the weekends ) unless you want to regain the weight.

9. Lift weights. Lifting weights burns calories and boosts your metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest (like watching tv or reading this article). Aim for a minimum of three days of resistance training per week. This will help preserve or increase your muscle mass while eating fewer calories.

10. Always get back on track. When you fall off (which you will – it’s a part of life), get back on track because there isn’t a finish line. You have to work at this for the rest of your life!
Bottom Line
The true secret to sustainable weight loss is finding a healthy lifestyle plan that is good for you (physically and mentally) and can do happily for the rest of your life. Click here if you need accountability or a balanced and sustainable workout or meal plan.
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