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6-Week Challenge Winners!

My first Challenge of 2021 is in the books — and it’s time to congratulate our Challenge winners!! First of all, let me say that many of you were very close to winning! This was an incredible challenge; my challengers make me more and more proud each challenge!

“I learned long ago that winning doesn’t always mean you get the prize. Sometimes you get progress, and that counts.”

But before I announce the winners and what they won, here are just a few things people had to say about the FIT Babes 6-Week Challenge.

Thanks for this challenge Aftann. I learned a lot about myself this time. I was dedicated to an eating plan (trying to count Macros and fuel my body correctly) which is so difficult for me because I’ve had an eating disorder (high school/college). But, I can say I now have a great relationship with food…I’m not afraid of it now (about time since I’m 44?). I love your workouts, and I used your book from the May challenge to supplement workouts. Thanks for pushing me even though I’m miles away!!! I’ve not looked or felt better in a long time. I used to beat myself up running miles and miles and miles and miles … oh, how much I’ve learned!
I look forward to the next Fit  Babes journey.
– Amy
This last month has changed how I feel and how much more comfortable I am in my skin.  My mood has changed; my body doesn’t hurt. I put in a bathing suit this last weekend and felt so comfortable. I have never felt like that.
– Ashley
Thank you for a great challenge. Now, I’m ready to wear my new suit at the River!
-Wanda (California)
I just wanted to take a second and thank you for doing your 6-week challenges. If I remember correctly my first challenge was May 2020. While I haven’t won a challenge (yet), I am so pleased with my progress. In the last year, I have lost ~20 pounds and have kept it off. I love your challenges and the simplicity you bring to this. I still have work to do, but I am already excited for the next Challenge. It starts next week, right?! Thanks again! You really are incredible!!!
– Farrell 
I loved participating in this challenge. It is just what I needed 9 months postpartum. It helped me refocus on my food intake and got me out and running/walking more, which my mind needed!!! I look forward to participating in another challenge to do even better. I really appreciate your encouragement at the end about progress and the importance of finishing even though I didn’t win. I felt bummed that I didn’t do better but truly turned my mindset around to think about the motivation that I gained and the pounds I did actually lose, even if it wasn’t my goal. Thanks for your knowledge, inspiration, and motivation!
– Amanda 
And the winners are…..

These lovely ladies each won aftannFIT bucks ($200 each for the Fitness and Weight Loss winners and $500 for the Overall winner), a Youtheory supplement pack, ONE protein bars, and a cute workout outfit from Aeris Apparel.  

?Winner of the Fitness Challenge Category

Tara is 40 years old and from California. This was her first challenge with me. Tara earned the highest scores on all fitness challenges (v-ups, burpees, rock + rolls, frog jumps, hand release pushups) and sealed the deal when she did 15 strict pull-ups!! 

?Winner of the Weight Loss Category

Shadow is 29 years old and from Wyoming. This was her first challenge with me, and she lost a total of 24 lbs!! She said, “I cannot tell you how much this challenge has motivated me! After pregnancy and having my son, I’ve been struggling with weight loss. This was just the push I needed to get myself back on track and to being the best version of myself.” ?

?Overall Winner

Teri is 55 years old, and she is also from California. Teri has struggled with weight loss for years. This time she decided to (finally listen to me ?) and not starve herself or give up any food, as she did in the past. She lifted weights, always did her steps (you earned points for tracking your steps), and tracked her food. Teri lost 18 lbs and earned several points for the fitness challenges. Teri put in the work, and she looks incredible!

ALWAYS, it’s extremely HARD to announce the winners because so many worked super hard & did such an incredible job! I’m blown away by everyone’s hard work & results!

The next challenge starts May 2021! Exact date TBA

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