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Bikini Bodies Are Made In The Winter…

“Bikini body’s are made in the winter” What does that really mean anyways?? Depending on your goals, it can mean 1 or 2 things.

#1. If you’re goal is to put on muscle then winter is typically a good time for that. Why? Because you need a surplus of calories to build muscle and with extra calories comes a layer of fat. I don’t care what your girlfriend Cindy told you, you cannot stay lean AND build muscle. Your body is like a house you need a surplus of brick to build a house, just as you need a surplus of calories to build muscle. Notice I said SURPLUS, not an EXCESSIVE amount of calories. On average 300-600 extra calories per day.

Reason #2. You have a lot of fat to lose before sitting pool side. One thing you have to remember, you didn’t put the weight on in a day, a week or a few months so it’s not just going to disappear in a day, a week or a few months. Which is exactly why you need to start now!

Whatever your goal is, stay the course and trust the process. You will get there.

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