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The 4 Laws Of Protein

1. Hit your 20’s.

That’s 20 grams of protein minimum per meal. Twenty grams supports muscle growth and repair. It also makes you feel fuller and less hungry. Fact: A 4 oz chicken breast contains 22 grams of protein.

2. Chew.

Research shows that drinking protein is less satiating than eating it. A piece of chicken doesn’t equate to a protein shake. The physical work required in chewing may help your brain remember the meal.

3. Mix It Up

If you’re eating chicken only, you’re missing benefits from steak (iron), fish (omega-3s), and chickpeas (fiber).

4. Cut The Crap

Animal crackers with protein are still animal crackers. Many protein-enhanced products don’t have enough protein to matter. And they often have empty calories and added sugar.

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