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White Chicken Chili


-1 ½ lb. chicken breasts or thighs⁣
– 1 medium onion, diced⁣
– 1 medium bell pepper, any color; diced⁣
– 1 jalapeño, finely diced⁣
– 6 cloves garlic. minced⁣
– 2 ½ tsp. ground cumin⁣
– 1 tsp. dried oregano⁣
– 1 Tbsp. chili powder⁣
– 1 tsp. salt, plus more to taste⁣
– ½ tsp. black pepper⁣
– 1 ½ cups chicken broth ⁣
– 1 14-ounce can coconut milk (optional)⁣
– Juice of ½ lime⁣
– ½ cup fresh cilantro, chopped⁣


Throw everything in your Instant Pot or Slow Cooker, except the coconut milk, cilantro and lime juice, and cook:
⁣Instant Pot (high pressure: 20 min) ⁣
Slow Cooker (Low: 6-7 hours)

When done cooking, shred the chicken and stir in lime juice, cilantro and coconut milk. ⁣

You can also top it with avocado, shredded cheese or tortilla chips.


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