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Here’s the absolute truth

Here’s the absolute truth: there isn’t a finish line when it comes to fitness. You will never get to be “done.”⁣

There’s no amount of weight you’ll lose that will make you satisfied. There’s no “look” that will make you say “I made it, time to stop.” There’s no amount of weight you’ll lift that you will think “okay, good enough, I’m done.” ⁣

We tend to push ourselves at an unsustainable pace to reach our goals. Before you know it, we quickly return to the “before” and then get down on ourselves for not being able to stay on target. ⁣

I’m not saying goals are bad. What I’m saying is, if you reach a goal & are so thankful to be done that you quickly abandon all the things you were doing, then your pace was unsustainable.⁣

Stop worrying about reaching the destination at any cost. Instead focus on making the journey something you can maintain, something that’s sustainable.⁣

Go slowly. One habit built over 2 months (that you will stick with) is better than 10 changes you’ll abandon. ⁣

Celebrate small victories. A faster mile or an extra push-up is a win! Passing on sweets and drinking more H2O than yesterday is a win! ⁣

Stop asking “how long it will take.” Instead, ask “am I better today than yesterday?” ⁣

Put your faith in the process and keep charging. Exercise, eat healthy & stay positive?⁣

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