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Booty Day Workout!

Blast that booty baby!!

This is was such a great change up to my typical leg day. My back was hurting a little, so I decided to do high reps with a lighter weight.

I typically do 10-15 reps, but on this workout, I did 30 reps of everything.  It was challenging and my booty was sore the next day! I think the next time I do this workout, I will warmup with 100 walking lunges and end with 100 walking lunges.

• KettleBell or Dumbbell Sumo Squats – 30 – try to focus on using your butt to push you back up. Keep your chest up, abs tight and push back up by pushing through your heels, not toes.
• Cable Pull Throughs – 30 (avoid eye contact with any dude while doing this exercise?)
4 rounds
• Hip thrusts – 30 – really focus on squeezing your booty at the top.
• Bulgarian split squats – 15/leg (hold heavy dumbbells, and lean forward a touch, as it will hit your booty more)
4 rounds
• Banded fire hydrants – 30/leg (do 30 on your right leg, then 30 on the left leg, keep switching until you complete all rounds with little to no rest).
3 rounds
Note: if you really want to feel and work your booty, it’s important to make that mind muscle connection. When you do your squats, think about pushing back up with your butt, not your legs. Do the same with hip thrusts and lunges etc.

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