Hiring a coach could be the difference between looking mediocre or phenomenal. You may have watched YouTube videos or read muscle and fitness magazines, but that typically isn't enough to get most people past the first call-out. Finding a coach with experience with the show is essential if you want to look like you belong on stage.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, training for a competition requires a specific nutrition, exercise, and supplements plan. As an experienced veteran, Aftann has competed and trained herself and her competitors to prepare for any league.


  • CUSTOMIZED TRAINING: Specific training plan and strategies to focus on target areas important in a bikini competition. Includes weight training and cardio workouts to help you lean out to emphasize specific muscle groups.
  • RECOMMENDED NUTRITION: Customized meal plan with adjustments up until the day of the show.
  • SUPPLEMENTS: Recommendation of specific supplements for competition preparation.
  • EDUCATION: Specific education for all competition levels. Added recommendations for beginners, such as where to compete and industry vendors for bikinis, jewelry, photographers, etc.
  • ON-CALL SUPPORT: Includes pre-competition check-ins as well as final-hour adjustments.
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In-Person, Online


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