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You only get one body. Take care of it!

We were given one body to last us a lifetime. We can take care of this body, nurture it, keep it strong and healthy, or we can let it fall apart, so as the years go by we can do less and less with it.⁣

It might be about looks now, but this body of yours will be with you when you have children (if you don’t already), and it’ll still be there when you have grandchildren.⁣

A wise lady once told me, “when you’re 80 or 90, you won’t care what size your waist is.⁣

You WILL care about whether you can walk down the street without assistance, whether you can still do the hobbies you enjoy, or if you can keep up with your grandchildren. ⁣

You will be thinking about how to avoid dementia, cancer, diabetes or osteoporosis, not how you look in a bathing suit. ⁣

It’s your body. Your only body. If you take care of it, it will serve you well.⁣

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