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Tank Top Arm Workout

I did this workout the other day after I did some compound exercises like the lat pulldown, pushups and rows. I used 10 lb dumbbells through the entire workout. The idea is to go from exercise to exercise with no rest. At the end of the 5 exercises, rest 1-2 minutes then do another round. I did 10 reps of each exercise and I did 4 rounds. You can do it however you want though.
1. Bicep curl to lateral raise
2. Hammer curl (palms in) to shoulder press
3. Bent-over reverse flys
4. Tricep kickbacks
5. Overhead tricep extension
This workout is a great way to sculpt your arms, but remember, you cannot spot reduce. If you want to see your beautiful arm muscles, you must first lose the layer of fat on your arms.
So, how do you do that, you ask?? By managing your calories (calorie deficit) and working out??
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