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Results = Hard Work

This picture speaks volumes?? Since being in the fitness industry, I hear EVERYDAY, “I can’t lose weight – I’ve tried everything – every diet – even clean eating and exercising – it must be my thyroid.”#1 – it’s most likely NOT your thyroid (only 20% of the population has a thyroid issue). #2 – let’s talk about how much effort you’ve really put into working out and eating clean. Did you eat clean for a day or two and the following day went off the plan?? Did you workout for a week, skip a week then workout for another couple days??? Did you expect BIG results because of the LITTLE effort you put in??? Here’s the REAL deal friends – THIS SHIT IS HARD? It’s saying NO to the Girl Scouts when all you really want are some thin mints, saying yes to the side salad when all you really want are fries, drinking water instead of your daily soda or cocktail and saying no to the warm bread basket! It’s getting up before the sun to workout because if you don’t, you won’t get a chance later that day. It’s working out even when you want to just relax. There isn’t a finish line and there never will be! This is something you have to work on EVERY SINGLE DAY of your life! So next time you complain about how you can’t lose weight, please tell me again how much effort you really put into it![/one_half]

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