FIT12 – Online Fitness & Nutrition Program


The FIT12 program is an ONLINE 12 week customized workout and nutrition program, customized to help you reach your goals.
When you sign up, we will personally attend to your progress and specific needs every step of the way through email or phone check-ins. If you want to improve your health, appearance and overall quality of life, the FIT12 Program is the best investment you’ll ever make!
Start out with the 12 week (3 month) program or dive into the 24 week (6 month) program to really see the results!

Nutrition and exercise are keys to getting the body you want. The Fit12 program is an online 12 week customized workout and meal plan tailored to your body type and fitness goals. This program allows our trainers to remotely work with you on your fitness goals by helping you design your nutritional and fitness goals and providing a 3 week roadmap to help kickstart the path to a healthier body and lifestyle.


  • CUSTOMIZED WORKOUTS: Customized weekly workout plan including a variety of exercises to target core areas and diagrams to ensure proper form.
  • TAILORED NUTRITIONAL PLAN: Meal plans specifically tailored and built around your current weight, body type, activity level, medical history, food preferences, allergies, and fitness goals. Each meal plan is broken down by daily caloric and macronutrient (protein, carbs, and fats) your body needs to reach your goals.
  • MONITORING: Progress is monitored via weekly check-ins. During check-ins, the meal plans and exercises will be evaluated for adjustments based on progress.
  • ON CALL SUPPORT: Support for questions, concerns, and ongoing support for you and your goals.

3 Month, 6 Month


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