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Eat Like A Baby

Eat Like A Baby

Since our due date is fast approaching (August 2nd), I thought this newsletter was quite appropriate. ?

Babies are actually kinda brilliant when it comes to their eating habits. Babies don’t stress eat, skip meals or eat because they are influenced by friends. They also don’t know what a craving is and push food away when they are full. And if they are hungry you better believe they will make sure we know about it until they are fed!!

We could actually learn a lot when it comes to our little friends.

Baby habit: Eat slowly, and savor each bite.
Eat one bite at a time, take small bites. You’ll never see a kid devour anything. They eat a bowl of cereal one oatmeal square at a time. Eating your food slower helps you eat less of it. Researchers gave two groups of study participants pistachio nuts; one got the nuts already shelled, and the other had to de-shell them (and thus ate more slowly). The first set took in 211 calories, on average, while the second only 125 calories—but both groups rated their fullness and satisfaction levels exactly the same.

Baby habit: They don’t skip meals.
Unless they are sick or really not hungry, babies rarely skip meals. When adults skip meals it almost guarantees we will over eat and it slows our metabolism.

Baby habit: They try new foods.
Instead of ordering your usual greens, get the kale. Experimenting with new foods gives you a more diverse mix of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. The more various your diet, the better.

Baby habit: They will eat—and maybe even enjoy—foods they can’t see or taste.
Slip healthy ingredients into shakes, like kale, spinach, or broccoli. Check out my recipe below for zucchini in your morning muffins. You’re Welcome ?

Baby habit: When they are full they push the plate away or throw it on the floor.
Before going for seconds, wait a little to see if you’re still hungry. On a similar note, don’t eat because you think it’s time to eat; eat if you feel hungry. Kids intuitively know when they need food. Try getting a toddler to eat just because it’s 6 p.m.—it ain’t going to happen!

Baby habit: Baby food jar = The perfect amount.
Learn portion control. For instance, just one good-sized handful of almonds, or about 23, is an ideal daily portion (which coincidentally is about the amount you can fit in a small baby jar).

Babies have a natural rhythm when it comes to eating that we as adults lose at some point. I’m not sure exactly when this happens, but if you want to lose weight try to follow the baby habits. There will be days when you are no where near following these habits. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about striving to eat healthier one day at a time.

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