Healthy Tuna Salad

2 cans of tuna Spicy mustard 2 tbsp light mayo Squeeze of lemon juice 1/4 Fuji or Granny Smith apple, finely chopped Diced celery (optional) Minced red onion 1-2 tbs. each dried cranberries and raw chopped walnuts, cashews or some kind of nut or seeds Salt & pepper,...

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✨This is what happens when you follow the plan I set up for you. Dana lost 10 lbs, went from 25% body fat to 17% body fat, and lost a bunch of inches for her...

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Do Anywhere Cardio Workout

“Give Them Something Great To Imitate.” Nash and I did this 20 minute circuit ✔️ jumping jacks - 30 ✔️plank walks - 10/side ✔️ bird dogs - 30 sec/side ✔️dips - 10/leg ✔️ jump squats - 10 ✔️mountain climbers - 30 ✔️side plank - 30 sec/side Set a timer for 20 minutes...

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Sweet Potato Brownies

Sweet Potato Brownies - 1.5 cup cooked and mashed sweet potatoes. - 1/2 cup nut butter (I used peanut butter) - 3 Tbsp maple syrup - 1 egg - 3 Tbsp cocoa powder - 1 tsp vanilla - 1 tsp cinnamon - 1 tsp baking soda Mix all ingredients together. Bake at 350 for 25-35...

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13 Weeks Pregnancy Workout

True or False: Lifting weights is dangerous for you and your baby? 🤰🏼 FALSE: Research shows that fitter moms have shorter labors, less chance of preterm labor, fewer complications, and...

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🔥 Ab Burner 🔥

This ab series will wreck you. Don’t believe me? Try it & tag someone who’s trying for that summer 6 pack✨ ✔️Do 15-20 of each move - do 3-4 rounds

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Does Fruit Make You Fat?

Fruit is being singled out as one of the key culprits in America’s obesity crisis. Trouble is, fruit–because it contains natural sugar–sometimes gets lumped in with foods like baked goods, candy, and sugary drinks. Fruit is NOT making you fat. Here is why: Fruit...

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Attainable Weight vs. Maintainable Weight

There is a big difference between a weight you can hit and a weight you can maintain. - A year ago I was working out 6 days a week and VERY precise with my nutrition (no booze, ice cream or sweet potato fries #boring)😏 - These days I workout 4-5 days a week and my...

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Bench Dips

Bench dips can create shoulder problems if not done correctly. Two things when doing bench dips: #1. Keep your abs tight, stick your chest out and keep your body close to the bench. Your butt should almost be scraping the bench. Being to far away from the bench will...

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Before and After

Shout out to this hot little 59 year old mom of 3 and Grandma💥She’s been hitting the weights hard for the past 12 weeks💪🏼 Not to mention, she beat all my 20 year clients in a plank hold challenge👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get...

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Band Booty Burner

Banded Booty Burner - This is a killer leg day finisher. Do 15 of each exercise before moving to the next leg. Do 3-4 rounds.

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