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Believe Something Good Is On It’s Way ✨

Still in awe we will be bringing home a little girl any week now. Feeling like we hit the gender jackpot. ⁣

Do you know it took @refinedroots and I eight months to get pregnant? To some that’s short, but for us, we just looked at each other and got pregnant with Nash. ⁣

During those 8 months we were going through a major house remodel. Half of our roof was ripped off, we had a makeshift kitchen in our garage and washed dishes in our driveway with a garden hose. ⁣

Looking back, if we would have gotten pregnant when we wanted to, we would’ve been bringing a baby home to an unfinished house.⁣

I truly believe God has a bigger and better plan for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.  ⁣

Whatever you are going through in life, turn it over to God and believe something good is on its way✨⁣

Happy Monday friends?⁣

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