At Home Leg Workout

Too busy to workout, or maybe you are strapped for time?.?.?.

I completely understand the “no time thing” now that I am a mom of two.

Thats why I put together a quick, do anywhere, leg workout you can do in 20 minutes or less. You dont need any equipment at all. Just your own body weight. If you are a beginner or pregnant, do 2-3 rounds. If you are advanced, do 4-5 rounds. Try your best to do each exercises back to back with little to no rest. After each round rest for 1 minute. If you are a beginner or pregnant, rest 2-3 minutes.

⚡️ 10 sumo squats
⚡️ 10 reverse lunges/leg
✨ 10 squats (feet together)
⚡️ 10 lateral lunges/leg
⚡️ 10 booty pulses/leg
Note: Remember to always keep your abs tight (like you are trying to flex them for someone), that way it will help support your lower back plus work your abs at the same time!
Lastly, always push through your heels, not your toes when you are squatting or lunging, to take the pressure off of your knees.

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